Nueva Mater Dei fight against poverty and social exclusión. We engage in regular dialogue with elders with a view to help and ensure a better answer to their needs, in particular seniors with limited financial resources. 

One of the objectives of Nueva Mater Dei is to provide innovative solutions aimed at helping seniors to be active, joyful and socially connected in the society as they age, from both a societal and personal perspective, effectively contributing to their health, overall quality of life and to social inclusion.

Elderly people want to perform meaningful activities, to have fun and to experience satisfaction when learning new things. From an individual point of view, it is necessary to ensure that elderly people are allowed and enabled to choose lifestyle and activities as well as their level of social interaction.

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Social Engagement: Research demonstrates that social engagement confers significant benefits, including: physical health and resistance to illness and disease, from common colds to heart disease; mental and cognitive health, sense of purpose and control; longevity.
Compelling scientific evidence indicates that living long and living well is most realistic for those who are socially engaged, adopt healthy living behaviors.

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